Our Beers

House beers range from stouts and IPAs to naturally flavored brews including a kumquat wheat ale and smoked peanut butter beer — each named after a different Civil War era cannon.

Currently on Tap at Smoking Cannon Brewery:

  • American IPA
  •  Smoked Peanut Butter Ale
  •  Cream Ale
  •  American Stout
  •  American Stout on Nitro
  •  American Rye
  •  Pale Chili Ale
  •  Brown Mild

Also on Tap for your Enjoyment

  • Brewery-made Ginger Soda
  • Brewery-made Root Beer
  • Cold Brew Coffee On Nitro

Future beers to come on board will be:

  • Pumpkin Saison
  •  Strong Belgium
  •  Pale Ale
  •  Session IPA
  •  E.S.B.
  •  Porters

“The bigger the cannon the bigger the beer”