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Our Beers

House beers range from stouts and IPA’s to naturally flavored brews including PAXTON Smoked Peanut Butter Ale, PHOENIX Vanilla Cream Ale, and our BLAKELY Chili Ale.
Our ingredients are fresh and natural and full of flavor. Our flagship beers are named after Civil War cannons, our Summer beers are named after Civil War pistols and our winter beers are named after Civil War rifles. Our experimental beers are named after Civil War cannon parts.



Flagship Beers


Traditionally hopped west coast American IPA

PAXTON Smoked Peanut Butter Ale

BRONZE METAL WINNER. Beech wood smoked malts and organic peanut butter powder give this beer it’s unique smoked flavor

COEHORN American Stout

Roasted coffee notes. Robust dark and flavorful. SILVER METAL WINNER!

COEHORN American Stout on nitro

Roasted coffee notes. Robust dark and flavorful. SILVER METAL WINNER! Nitro gives this Silver Metal Winner an extra creamy mouth feel.

Rotating Beers


Low alcohol with modern hopes give this easy drinking beer a flavor with hints of grapefruit.


Traditional British style ale which is extra special, and extra bitter.

STEDMAN American Rye Ale

American pale ale with Spicy bread notes

PHOENIX Vanilla Cream Ale

Made with Madagascar Vanilla beans give this beer a light sweet presentation. All natural flavors.

ROOT American Pale Ale

All the hops with a little more malt.


All the chili flavor without the heat. When we say natural flavors, we mean we took Anaheim peppers and pasilla peppers diced sliced and choppedthem for this this unique brew. (used for our michiladas )


Smooth and creamy and light on hops.


Traditional Irish style red ale.

Meet the owners 🙂

Brewers Mike Nelson and Natallie Phillips started Smoking Cannon Brewery in 2015. The San Diego natives both grew up on the coast but moved to Ramona about 22 years ago.

Mike Nelson built his own three-barrel electrical system, and both he and Phillips contend they would like to see the brewery remain a relatively small, mom-and-pop shop. “Once it gets big it’s not special,” says Phillips. “This is about the passion of making excellent beer”
Natallie Phillips
Natallie PhillipsBrewer | Owner
While Nelson originally picked up homebrewing in the late ‘90s, he started making beer consistently about ten years ago. During that time he’s entered a number local homebrew contests and done pretty well. “I can honestly say,” Nelson adds, “I’ve only not won awards three times, out of a hundred-plus beers.”
Mike Nelson
Mike NelsonBrewer | Owner

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